RK May Pre-Order 2010

Yup! Transformers again! This time around it’s the Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee from War of Cybertron and the other two is Drift and Thrust from Generation 3. I am pretty happy getting this four and intend to continue getting the rest as well new upcoming release. Gosh! I can’t believe Drift was the best looking Autobot (with Samurai) compare to the rest! I’m sure Takara Tomy Japan going to release next year and I planning to get the same Drift and Optimus Prime (WOC) again.

But the most I can’t wait is the release add-on for G2 Bruticus Maximus coming next month! I already pre-order way back on April so hopefully able to get it next month. If any of you guys trouble looking for G2 Bruticus Maximus. I got a brand new gift set seal selling for B$110.00. Feel free to contact me! Also check out the rest in my garage sales for more!


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