Starboykb At 5th Year Blogging

Yup, yesterday was the 5th year blogging. I know I wasn’t really so active on blogging. But whenever what topics I am trying to write always ended up cancel in end and sometimes took many days to write only one post. Probably I myself find it not interesting enough to post it and also feel not necessary to reveal too much on the related personal secret.

Well, today I decided speak out a bit on my personal issue. I just found out how fuck my father was really were in the past. No matter if he already passed away or not for so long. It wasn’t my good day (birthday) yesterday found out the current house I am staying never is belonging to my father name from the beginning after checking out in the Government department. Well, I was enquiry for housing so at the same time I decided to ask who the owner of the house I currently am living in. I just can’t believe what my father had done when he is alive. He simply brought the house and gives it to the 2nd wife instead putting down his name. Maybe he did put into the paper but I feel so pissed now understanding how much love he really give it the second wives other than us. No wonder she was so bossy and trying to suck our money for so many years.

I even remember very well the day she was laughing when we never decide not to fight for any fortune when my father was in a bad shape and alive. Damn, that bitch knew it from the beginning that none of us will ever able to take it from her. She is really a clever bitch. Now she uses us as a profit paying her monthly over the house rental so that she can enjoy her life. Damn, I wish that money I spend rather goes to my mother. Seems like I have to work extra hard and find our own house sooner.

Generally speaking, getting a house in Brunei is FUCKING hard for purple IC holder. Unless you are rich and that is possible. Every day we only hope for good news and tried to enquiry Government housing if there are any available for loan. It always just too bad to learned that only available for yellow IC holder, not for purple. I have no idea what the story now for PR allowing buying house status this year. The only things I can wish is just good news. House size doesn’t matter, as long we have place to live and that’s enough.


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