Building File Server for Home

At first, I was planning to buy a home server or SOHO server for storing data which I recently discover Acer home Server was the best value for my choice. After spending few days thinking, I rather better off building my own because I simply have many left over old working PC parts so I think its kinda waste just storing in my room when I can’t even sell it off. Three PC at least I got so far. One old PC of mine and two from received free from friends.

I already gave one refurnished PC away to one of my cousins because the parent unable to afford one. But I feel so regret it and would rather just donate to the orphan instead or used at my own for Linux. My intentions were giving to them so that they can work on their school projects and also helping them to be more familiar on computer. I can’t believe they are so annoying complaining this and that hoping it is Window Seven. This changes my mind completely and decided to use it for my own until the whole thing die out. I already had done a success repair on one of my motherboard capacitors and waiting for new chassis to assemble it. All will be done on this October once I reached one year with the company.

The question now is what program or OS should I use for file server? For me, FreeNAS will be the first choice for building file server. It’s free and easily to setup within less than ten minute. I really like this FreeBSD and includes many features I needed to manage the server especially it allow to run torrent download directly. Ubuntu (Linux) server is also a really good OS to work as file server too. The only problem it requires to install some programs manually which I read require takes a lot times on configure even require full update. Looking at Brunei internet shitty speed, this going to takes up the whole days.

Right now, I am going to keep saving as much as I can. I still own my friend the graphic card debt so which is why I decided to delay until October. XD Hopefully I am able to settle it on August.


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