Aiming for IT Courses

I have been really busy dealing with YaHobby lately struggle getting my refund over missing order on February and prepare my review on them which is already live to read. It was a huge messed but it was mow now.

Aiming for IT courses is what I am planning lately. Advancing my IT Technician career by taking IT course is really important these days. No matter how experience I am working on computer hardware and troubleshooting onsite all these years. It is necessary for me to have proved IT certificate with me and includes in my curriculum. I never get pass my GCSE ‘O’ many moon ago so it’s best I put down my saving on this important tasks first. Probably I might even sell off some of the Gundam plastic kits to support my funding.

The course I am expecting to be quite expensive even just three to five days classes would cost at least over B$2000.00+/- after asking quote from the local Tech One Global (Microsoft license distributor). I also currently was waiting for another quote from Infomars Training and Technology Solution for different courses and surprise that they are the only one (I believe) offer such courses. Well I hope there is no age limit  because some company expecting younger to join. It really sucks if they actually set this kind of rules. Nevertheless, I am saving hard on it right now.


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