Walter Hobby Online is Back?

Update! It appear that Walter still unable to accept Paypal. I suspect probably he haven’t settle the previous refund or orders. The only payment right now he accepting is Western Union only. But I do not recommend using it because this electronic transfer is stupid and the fee is expensive.

I just drop by the website yesterday and found out that Walter has updated the toy categories listing. It has been long months without seeing him getting back to business because of Paypal ban (now lifted). Of course, his bad reputations and services will continue to hunt him no matter what, unless he made huge improvements and correcting his past mistake. The only questions are should we still trust him after all this mess up he creates? Although I never experience it, but the others does.

It is very uncertain answer to this because until today, he never made any apologies and doesn’t explain to the buyers. I don’t understand why he chooses not to do so. In order to regain the trust again, he really need to do clarifications on what had happen. All the bad things about his online shop will continue to spread by the community.

Anyhow, there are some toys I really would like to get from him again but for the safety precaution, I have send him a message asking Walter the similar question above and also if he ready able to fulfill the buyers orders on time without delaying for months. Let’s see if he going to be the same behaviors likes before not answering and response to the message.


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