Personal Data Loss

That was fucking unbelievable the Ubuntu are capable of corrupting NTFS partition that bad. Almost 95% of my personal data are entirely gone! I used plenty of powerful recovery software and still no luck getting them back as only 5% of some anime and music are able to retrieve. It really sucks sudden losing all your data like that after reconnecting back and loaded under Linux.

Well, the blame still goes to me not getting another external drive to backup all the stuffs. Losing anime and music weren’t that serious, just sad because of so many years of collections are all there. Photos are okay because I already did a backup two years ago on both DVD and in one of my hard disk. The only heartbroken for whole life is all my graphic design works are disappear. Even though I don’t work much on Photoshop these days, those are my passion works. I lose once way back on 2000 and now again on 2010. Hai~!

Damn this, I really can’t wait to need to deploy my NAS server. I’m in low cash and things are still incomplete. Bad shits just keep coming non-stop! Geezzz…


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