Fansproject Crossfire 02 in Asia Soon

Yes, just received words from RK that the pre-order will be shipping out starting next week Shipped out yesterday! I really can’t wait to get them and pose together with Superion Combiner. However, I am going to bring in bad news is that there will be price increase for my brand new TF Universe Bruticus Combiner MSIB at the garage sales section.

It will rise from B$110.00 to B$130.00 starting next month because every seller in eBay are already done raising the price between US$69-$79.99 (mind you, not including the shipping) after the Fansproject Crossfire 02 released worldwide this month. Well, this is not good news for every Transformers buyer in the world who keep waiting not purchasing it.

Don’t bother asking for any discount, no negotiation or any best price whatsoever to be entertain. This is going to be fixed for this year or two and I don’t mind keeping it in my closet even unable to sell it off. As long it stays as MSIB, it will continue to worth a lot in the future, for Transformers at least.

Note: The current price still remains the same but please note that first come first serve only and no booking!


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