eBay Hunt ! – TF Micromaster #1

Last few days ago just received the first batch packages. I am quite happy that both of them arrived on the same days and takes only two weeks to Brunei which is quite fast. I thought during puasa month would be slower during transit. Somehow I was wrong about it.

Currently these are the four Micromasters toy arrived. Three of them comes from direct purchased and one won from the bidding (very cheap and incomplete) both at eBay UK. For your information, all these four are 1989 released Erector transport, Ironworks station, Greasepit station and lastly, Ground Shaker Base. Total costs with shipping, £84.56 which is around B$175.43. Probably most of you think I am insane paying a lot but this is not a bad price for 1989 made used toys.

I have reason to choose UK location. Firstly it has better shipping with tracking (insured) price to Brunei compare to US. Secondly, most of the seller’s prices are better, not to mention willing to combine shipping with one cost. It’s not like the US seller’s don’t, everything depends. Right sellers and time is the key in eBay. Nope, I’m not intending to look for MSIB version, I am fine with old used toys because I can mold it and spray paints. However, mind you, only Micromaster and Headmaster were the only interests.

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Compare TF Micromasters 1989 to PE-Shadow Warrior 3rd party size.
Erector battle station transform mode.
Ironwork battle station transform mode.
Greasepit battle station transform mode
Groundshaker (incomplete), also know as ATV, battle station transform mode.


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