HG1/144 Xist Cgue

The Gunpla was finished on end of last month public holiday. Nearly forgot to post it up while starting working on the next Seed Frame Astray kit. As you can see on the photos, I have done a few changes to the lower part for some training and feel requires improvements.

The front skirt armors have been extending longer using the Tamiya pla-plate. With my current tools, it’s not easy and really requires different angle rulers to measure before cutting. Mine is by estimate (too long) and slowly sand until both of them reaching the similar size and length which is why it looks out of shape. There is another reason for this problem, I used wire rod for the joint and causing unbalance because I cut it directly instead saw. If I had done choosing with sawing, it may not look so bad.

As for the back armor skirt, my original plan is adding extra thruster below like how Sazabi Gunpla. I don’t have any available thrusters and materials so I use Kotobukiya Nozzle for both front and below. It turns out quite good so I decided try not to spoiled any further.

The back of the armor leg has also cut to allow more movement for the thruster. Not much, however the leg is now able to pose more than before.

Overall the build time for HG 1/144 Xist Cgue took me two and a half days to finish before moving on to another. You can click more to view the rest. The Google weren’t so kind letting us putting to much photos on the front page.


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