Telbru – Privilege Card - Update

It’s a free card that everyone wants to apply one. Mine arrived on last week at Seria and that pisses me off greatly. Why? I applied this card on last year November 2009 and finally was told to get it on last week! Is this a joke or what? Does it really needed to take a long ten months to approve? Well, even that’s not the case anymore when open up and found out it was actually already approved on December 2009 last year also! Oh my gosh and how the fuck it can take so long too sent out is really out of question.

Never mind that, I’m not sure how good the offers might give. But so far I know, it was disappointed and one of the listed computer and technology, Netcom Computer House, already no longer accepting this privilege card more than six month now I heard. Why the hell Telbru didn’t remove the partners from the official website merchant lists? No one knows if the other merchants do follow or already walk out many moons ago. To avoid this confusion, I decided to drop them a message to find out more update information on the merchants and will update this post once received the update from Telbru.

Update! Telbru had inform me that Netcom Computer House is still a partner for the privilege card.


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