3rd Party Headmaster Preview

Hari Raya really gets in my way when it comes to posting. The review was still under revise and 20% done due to the recent leg was injured. The lazy diseases started spreading throughout my brain and taking nap a lot during holidays.


Anyway, this is one of the 3rd party Transformers upgrade I have been holding off quite a while. The pre-production Hot Head (from Headrobots.com) mini review was posted at Cybertron.ca. I have to say the upgrade looks really cool even for older Vintage G1 Headmaster toys. Not only have that, the Hot headed itself even able to hold any 3rd party LEGO weapons so that is an extra.

The only problem now for me is, should I put US$29.90 this month. I pretty overspending lately buying Micromaster Toys at eBay and some order from HLJ haven’t clear up yet. It sure really sucks for me this month.


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