Nanyang Shopping: Power Core Combiner

No idea what is the best category to list the Nanyang company. All you need to know they sell toys, gifts, produce photos, sell cameras and quite few more I have no idea to describe it. What surprising thing was that they have been around even I hasn’t born yet. Thanks to them, the forever toys loving habits everything influence from there.
I always visit the Nanyang shop once in a month and gets the Tamiya colors spray painting there. It just that sometimes I ignore the toy sections after addicted shopping online instead. I have to admit so stupid overlooking the local toy shops when you can get 15%-20% cheaper. For example my recent purchase TF Power core Combiners: Smolder with Chopster, Bombshock and Skyburst sets. Both of them only cost me B$79.70. If I choose to get in, the total would have cost me B$114.79. It really does save me a lot of money. Well, i guess from now on i have to be more supportive on more local toy shops. ^^
Alright, as for the toys, I decided to keep it short here. Probably most of you already read about mixed review reactions feedbacks from the TF community. For my own opinion, yes, there are different transformation design flaws on each Power Core Combiners toys especially during combination with the drones. Some look good and some don’t. Some even looks good rather not combining. But so far it’s not a disappointments toy either and quite liking them too.

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