Another Internet Problem Yesterday

No one knows what the heck happen yesterday. It were confirms the every eSpeed users are having trouble accessing to a lot of website. Facebook was among one of them. Trust me, people feel so disasters and impatient unable to access and even played Farmville. One of my colleagues actually dealing such auntie don’t believe probably the eSpeed were the cause. So she calls every of her friend who plays Farmville and even to Canada to check with her daughter if the Facebook is down or not. What? CANADA? I really laugh so hard hearing about this.

But after she told us it was fine over there. My suspicious turning over the exchange server in both KB and Seria because even at my company. The test out also experience the same issue at my home so I decided to sent an email to notify Telbru. After lunch hours, everything backs to normal. As I suspect, there could be something wrong in the exchange servers. Well the technical support guys didn’t says anything and I not even sure if BSB and Tutong were affected.

This also proves one point that either the Telbru IT were doing something or not doing their daily check. But I am much more pissed off that unable to have any stable torrent download lately for almost coming two months now. These fuckers might be doing some shitty installing some new hardware controlling and blocking the torrent traffics. The only time tje torrent works only starting at 5AM+ to 7AM+. That was suck and hard completing any download files within two hours limit. As far I know BSB is working fine and even some KB areas were unaffected. That really pissed me off greatly and decided filed the second complains to Telbru. I don’t believe the undersea cable were damage because that was already over last weeks.


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