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Here is another toy shop I discover way back on April during my search in Google. I didn’t take an opportunity to introduce this toy shop because the pre-order for Henkei Hound was very late shipping out last month. So I decided to hold until the right time to post once received the parcel. is quite rare and very unknown company to me. Yes, it’s not even popular and less information about them in the market. So it’s hard to rule out that they aren’t trusted toy seller. Just take extra precaution when purchasing things from them even though I only made one successful order only.

For your information, their original office or HQ is mention station at US. However, the business and facilities operated in Hong Kong. So they are believed largely targeting Asian buyers. The good things are for pre-ordering, buyers doesn’t require make full payment. Only deposit is needed and no deadlines for most pre-order items until it reach the order limits. The shipped out items will be based from Hong Kong so it’s affordable and faster shipping to Brunei too.

How about the price? It’s hard to say but I do admit they are little more expensive compare to others. It really depends, for example my order for TF Henkei Hound only cost me US$20.90 while RK sold US$28.90 during pre-order period. My suggestions here are check and compare the price first before making any orders.


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