Certification Worry

Although this currently just happen recently in Malaysia, I wonder if Brunei might follow one day. This indeed causes me worrying because I never had any certified IT background as mostly everything learned from self-study, job experiences and internet. The only time I did PC Technician course is at the local shop. Well, not even a local recognize paper.

Hate to say I am not a bookworm and like reading. Seriously I really need to start playing safe and came up cash to take some courses next year at ilm Academy. Otherwise I might both lose my job and have my car pull away. Geezzz…

Don’t laugh at me being bad educated person. You young folks need to worry as well. The past few days I did learned some information and changes about the educations in Brunei from the locals. Not sure how true is that, it was told that the UBD certification papers doesn’t recognize by other countries. Enlighten me that was not exactly true. However there are few confirm that somehow.

Of course you do have two choices if you happen get sponsors. Head over to UK three years or stay at UBD by completing five years. Flying to UK studies may sound very nice but if you plan to get master degree. You got to pay for it. Free? Oh you got wait for at least ten years’ time to get that chance, I heard.


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