Heading to Mission Impossible 4 Next

I didn’t expect to win the ticket and t-shirt from Telbru. Well, what can I say? It was suck at first knowing got to drive all the way to the HQ at old airport to collect the prize. That was definitely so inconvenience way asking KB man like me to go up.

Not like I can’t take leave. But had to one week earlier so not possible. The only way is to ask if they can send it down. It was denied. I was WHAT? Luckily they gave me another option by going there on December 15th and collect directly before screening. That was much better. Otherwise I might as well give up the prize.

Not entirely good thing too as I do find it suck watching on this Thursday, not to mention starting at 8.30PM. Seriously that was late and one hour trip there even work on the next day. Anyway, still a few days away better off not thinking anything now.


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