Empire Cinema MI4 Premier on 15th

I got to say the Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol is really good. Recommend everyone to watch tomorrow holiday if you got the time. The only complain so far is the chair really uncomfortable at Empire Cinema. This is why I don’t like watching movies at Empire after the first that I remember is Punisher.

The ticket they given to me somehow too close to the screen. What make me feel bad about it are many empty seats at the rear when I look back. I was like damn why they can’t even try to put us in the middle instead spreading us randomly? Someone is worse than me in the row. Hopefully next time Telbru could arrange better in the future.

Anyway, I got back home at 12 and sleep straight away. Not quite a nice trip because of heavy rain but after a while hitting the dry road. I became the need of speed and hoping some creatures would appear in front of me. Oh that’s the free t-shirt Telbru given to each of us!


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