Black Friday Root 2011

Another no posts for weeks, hate to say it always happen during third and fourth week of every month. Work does keep me company and tired after back from work. I wanted to go for a jog, the weather play it’s part on raining so much my body become more stressful and sleepy.

For most part, monitoring online activities doesn’t put me away especially Black Friday sales hunting. So far only Hobby Link Japan has a good deal on EMS shipping and this is what I get from the store below.

  • 1x 1/100 Justice Gundam
  • 1x 1/144 HG 00 Gundam & O Raiser SP
  • 2x 1/100 Nix Providence Gundam
  • 1x 1/144 HGUC MS-06 Zaku F2 EFSF Ver
  • 1x Large Missile Launcher
  • 2x Hand Gun
  • 2x Saber & Hummer
  • 3x Duct Nozzle

Some of you may wonder why I bother to get High Grade 1/100 Justice when Bandai (obviously) going to release the Master Grade version probably next year. Well, idea simply just pop up in my mind since I am quite a fan on Seed VS Astray design so Justice kit going to put in good use and mixing.

I also get Nix Providence because the half price is without doubt a good deal you simply can’t missed it. Same goes for HG Gundam & O Raiser for nearly only B$11.00. There weren’t much HGUC kit I am hoping for, but in the end manage to grab MS-06 Zaku F2 EFSF Ver as I needed the weapon parts so bad for Advance of Zeta I am currently working.

The rest are the Kotobukiya latest weapon units and option parts. The duct nozzles are needed for continuing Wagtail kits. Although I still need more stuff to begin my works, best to stock up first when you can get a good EMS shipping deal.


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