Model Kit World December 2011 with Sinanju Bazooka

I pick up this magazine from after seeing them put up on the store. The Model Kit World is a Hong Kong toy magazine and been around for quite a while. Full color pages and this volume252 come with HGUC Sinanju bazooka.

In case you wonder, the plastic quality is okay. If you ever owned the HGUC Unicorn twin Gatling gun, it is the same. You can’t really ask for more on this book that only cost less than B$10.00 so it’s a nice addition for collections. I recommended picking one of these magazines if you see selling at any bookstore.

I’m not quite sure if you can find in Brunei today. I remember seeing them selling in Soon Lee KB book section but now no longer available there. Other places can be possible finding at Miri or in Malaysia.


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