Everyday Has a New Problems

Shitty things just never stops coming. Apart from facing daily jobs issue and dealing with asshole, my sister is pissing me off as well. Man, I really wish there are ways to get away from this entire problem.
While my stress has calming down for while maintaining healthy lifestyle going for better eating behavior, exercises and get an early sleep. Yes, my life becoming more boring than ever when I myself even questioning do I have friends at all. I usually take night out with friends at Saturday night. But my head get spinning whenever I stay very late at always happen during 10.00PM. Not sure if this is about reaching certain age of effect or getting use to early sleep.
At work, I don’t really want to think much about it. I personally feel the place I work are getting messy and changing month by month. People too change, it doesn’t really feel good continue working at such environment. As for job hunting, IT is fuck up in Brunei. It is rarely available and the requirement is the biggest hit on my resume. I guess it’s time to take up new suitable courses to self improve for other more job option than ever.
Well, as for my sister. She really pissed me off and becomes so irresponsible person. I can’t believe she becomes so lazy and fucking hate it when trying to trigger beef with the owner (step-mother) sometimes. She doesn’t want to dump the rubbish and left it for days smell like shit in the kitchen and I had to do instead. We get into fight also because she felt that working late or stress doesn’t deserve to take weekly turn feeding the dogs. I entirely fed up with her behaviors and don't even wanted to talk to her.
My mom always told me we have to work together as a sibling to face hardship together. But with her stubborn behavior like that, I felt like I no longer care anymore.


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