Training Freshman

Never thought I would reach at the age of teaching freshman at works. Although it just started last month. I'm not too quite happy about and have that kind of patience on teaching. Its not like too stingy passing my skill, but not so sure if IT Technician require to teach when plenty of the guides and tips can be found on the internet nowadays. Also depending how you adjust and make good use on the field.

Now, how does the freshman doing? Headache is the only word I could describe at the moment. Yes, anger does go up these past few weeks. My colleagues are much more angrier and ignore him in the end. For me, I can't and it's my responsible to guide and teach him at work. It just unbelievable challenging to teach when he is twice forgetful than me and disrespectful towards seniors. Still the biggest problem I never face is such young person being forgetful and unwilling to learn properly, even think logically when assigning simple tasks to complete when few minutes work becomes more than hour.

I tried my best to give him the software tools, assisting him solving problem and guides so whenever he forgets can look back. He just choose not to referring back even asking me the same questions ten times and continuously making mistakes doing the same tasks. How can this possible is beyond my understanding and making me like teaching a robot.

The other departments already started unhappy about his performance completing the jobs. I had to find ways to solve that and help him before the probation over. Either he will face another extra three month probation which I would suggest or face much crueler by terminate him. I don't want that to happen but the decision always to himself how he wants to play this story. Tomorrow I am going to talk to him and tried understand if there are better ways to improve his skills before the deadline next month.


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