Goodbye Masterpiece Grimlock!

Okay I have been busy doing some clean up on my toys. Last two weeks, it was Takara Transformers Masterpieces Grimlock. Too bad I have to sold for 70% of the value to the collectors. Still not bad and also lesson not to open expensive toy boxes for photographing. Otherwise I can still selling off more than 120% value today market.

The Masterpieces product doesn't seem to be worth buying and the designs does look cheap for some reason the more I continue to observe. The answer just hit my mind telling me better spend on Transformers Voyager series. They have better quality and design which even have more fun accompany by 3rd party upgrades. Even though my Grimlock doesn't have any issue or broken. But it just if something happen to the toys out from the new box, either broken and bad manufacturing parts then this will definitely hurt your selling value to the collectors market. To play safe with my spending, no more Masterpieces series in the future.


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