Kid with Continuous Mistake Behavior

Everyone always learn from mistake no matter how bad we messed up. But it just that I have reach the tolerances guiding the freshman (again) how to work efficiently even not necessary to teach him how to use common sense every single time. He just continuously making different weird mistake everyday that officially pissed me off.

He had been with us for seven months, SEVEN MONTHS!, with each days at work I have to scold more than twice either forgetful, stupid surprise or even bother trying something new. Worst, he is like a robot asking the same question and require us for the next steps that was the same repeated problems over and over again. This is seriously pissing me off and most headache of my life handling freshman who learned nothing and giving non-stop mistake without realizing until today. How can that be possible?

People gives three chances or forgiveness. I give ten times of that with return results of disappointment. Fuck, I really wish to fired him on the spots no matter if he had any qualify certifications or not. He wasted his time here and shows no single thought improving his own simple mistake. I have reach my level holding off my heat blasting that kid and now no longer wanted to teach him anymore ever.


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