The Unstoppable Gunpla Collections


It is indeed unstoppable and just can’t stop buying. The upcoming Gundam Build Fighters Try Gunpla really pierces my heart hitting the button pre-order both Gundam Ez-SR and Hyakushiki Custom. They both simply look terrible awesome! Of course I also include both the custom parts in the purchase and jumping for Powered GM Cardigan too. So far, only Lighting Gundam will be skipping in the pre-order list at the moment and deciding if I should add Lighting Back Weapon System part too. There isn’t any idea yet coming through my mind for transformable MS kit bash. At least one possible candidate in the existing stash, but requires more pictures review first for better insight.

The MG Destiny Impulse R and Gundam Astray Noir announced to re-release again next year. I really tempting placing order for two of them since this is second chance to get. It's not easy to work on 1/100 scale when comes to fully painting. I tried not to buy anymore and avoid as much as I can. However, not easy to escape the lust having in the collections. I will need to see the budgets I set for this upcoming year end spending because I am looking forward getting Transformers and Gunpla HG exclusives. Too much useless backlog going to be problematic and I wanted to avoid as many as I can.


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