LR-GAT-X102 Regen Duel E

Regen Duel E was my previous incomplete backlog work under Seed VS Astray theme. It’s not easy to continue without reworking and repair some mistakes. Luckily it went nicely without making it worst. My target completion was supposed to be last month. The Tamiya Gun Metal, Light Gun Metal and Gunship Grey spray paints haven’t stock up in the local shop. So I decide to try out other colors to test and second replacement in case out of stock again during painting process.

Since the local shop hasn’t done any stock up yet for the above, I decided to go for German Grey, Nato Black and Nato Brown. The first is German Grey, hoping to replace Gunship Grey. The paint quality didn’t turn out what I expected and same goes for Nato Brown. They both look too basic and simple even I applied grey prime. I might need to try the brown prime spray paint and see if the results will be different. Only Nato Black is the best and the result look quite different after few sun bathing. I currently using on the other upcoming Seed VS Astray kit and testing different paint as well.

Regen Duel E is just basically enhance version over predecessor. The remaining Nix parts really served well for upgrading. Although I used most on the lower parts, its not easy to think further what to do with the upper body. I can only continue focus working on the beam weapons to close the backlog.


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