Investigating Missing Lappy

Usually the check up procedure is done by me weekly. After working outside more frequent than ever I now am doing it on monthly whenever I have the time. I don’t really care much about but it still my job to keep track and making sure the equipment's are available. Just recently I am playing detective investigating both missing laptop and projector in our stock.

Not like I really wanted to get myself involve and nosy on such thing but it has to be done somehow because both of these IT stuffs were missing and nobody notice at all even ask question where it rental too. I have to go through all my emails and check my own car if I ever use it on-site. Quite frustrated at that time and going through the booking log to trace back. Of course, most of us knew and already suspect that kid has forgotten to bring back. He is the person responsible on that location where the meeting took place. Since I already fed up screwing him, still, proof and evidence are require before you accuse someone.

The progress is looking good because we able to recover (by that kid) the projector in the meeting room. However, laptop is missing. Another problem is there never a second meeting took place at all. So how did it end up there? Of course the kid denied and confidently says it was retrieved back after the first meeting last month. I have to look up the listing check with each and question every person again. It sure took quite a while because only that location has lack of security cameras. I decided to question the person in charge of booking again. I know unhappy faces. But I was able to dig out a different story and point back to our kid. Never gets old about him.

Once I gather all the information, I decided to go back ask that kid yet again and so piss off confidently replies bringing back both of the laptop and notebook after the meeting. He dares me by giving the estimate exact time to look into the CCTV system to verify to proof that he brought back both the lost items on that day. Well, the CCTV shows nothing. I triple check again with other active cameras and none. In the end, only out and never return. This prove from the first meeting took place at that location never brought back all this time. I backup the video for safety measure before the CCTV overrides the data and that's when it's time to hunt him down.

My colleagues knew what I going to do to encourage me not to screw him. I tried, suppressing my anger and confronted him nicely. All I can say he has fucked up word label in his face. What can I say? From the beginning when I first trained and remind him to note down, he always chooses to be ignorance. He lost of words and escape route. My guessing he already knew he never retrieves the things when first found out the projector left in the meeting room. Another guesses he tried to cover up or maybe trying to drag us down together instead of himself cover the whole cost for new company laptop.

This is the best turn out to save myself and other colleagues before things go awry. Not like I wanted to act like a cunt to screw him or planning a set up. Actually I did dig deeper to help him if it possible to find back the laptop. The time in the meeting room without lock are simply left for too long especially it was located in no security camera zone. So it was impossible to trace back without eye witness.

This is not the first and it happens couple time that got us involved. I already don't like his working attitude and why I choose to purpose extend his probation. It just never work out from my manager so I don't give a shit whenever he done something wrong. I really hope this serve a good lesson removing his ignorance attitude. If not, he himself had to find a way out or quit.


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