FansProject (FP-Core) - WB-002EX Deluxe Package Arrived!

Weeeee!! Seeing the arrival of both Core Trailer and Steel Core figure really brighten my day last week. Nope, I didn’t play around or even transform it. But instead unseal the box doing inspections (except Soleren Ruthen) to make sure I didn’t receive broken toys after reading someone actually did.

I got to admit, Steel Core figure is really a great toy. The quality is incredible good and the joints are beautifully tight. No regret having him staying inside the box forever. As for the trailer, I take a great peek on the inner and outer design too. It is not disappointing, nothing much fancy stuffs we might expect as usual. Like many collectors said, it definitely completes the Steel Core vehicle mode which is true. BTW, there won’t be any exclusive review in my blog since everyone already done it.


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