Hatsune Miku the Vocaloid

Who exactly is Hatsune Miku? Why she is so popular? Every single figures, toys, poster, fan arts and cosplay growing like no tomorrow. I have no idea who she really was until i start listening to some of the strange robotic like music in some of the bloggers and Youtube site and there was where I learned about her. She is surely the most perfect vocaloid character I have ever seen.

It was really interesting after seeing continuously popularity in Japan. She even slowly walks into the western markets with more than nine albums I believe. Not to mention, people (not just Otaku) really loves her. One more unbelievable singing voice about her are generate from the computer! Impressive isn’t it and which is why they call it vocaloid (official site for more information).

There was a YouTube video interview the producers and the information about beginning making of Hatsune Miku becomes so popular by Asahicom. You guys should watch the video below as it has a subtitles. I also includes the best Hatsune Miku songs for you guys to listen and gives you an idea why she able successfully enter to Oricon Japan music chart.


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