The Best Recommendation Online Toy Merchants

One reader drops me a message last week asking me for opinions about which online store is the most recommendation to shop with. It’s quite a tricky question and it’s hard for answering. It took me a few days to come up with better answer. Not really a good one but hopefully not confusing for you all.

HW Japan was my current favorite of choice when it’s come to Gundam pre-ordering and hunting for bargain price at their online stores. Tons of things I can’t really describe about this merchant. They might not have much stuff you may find in their store. You just can’t go wrong with their discount price starting 6-20% (50% for offer price). If you could spare your time, read the latest updated review I wrote here for more information.

The second favor merchant is Hobby Link Japan (HLJ). They got bunch of stuffs selling over there and also the sales sections are always update twice or so a month so you can’t really missed it. Yes, they don’t have any point systems and I never received any single discount coupons from them for three years. However, their customer’s service is pretty great. I remember when one of the Revoltech toys they shipped to me has a missing stand. They will immediately send out one without any charges on the shipping and even question me about it. Nice isn’t it? If you are plastic kits modeler, HLJ is the only place you can find tons of the stuffs you need especially when you are looking for HiQ Parts.

Hobby Search (1999?) is not a bad place to get your stuffs. But I only target this place looking for bargain stuffs and sometimes the monthly magazines that cannot be found the other two stores only. This store got pretty a lot of stuffs. It just that I dislike their ordering system and shipping rules as it wasn’t that friendly as the two above. Also the point you received from the items you purchase, it must be used within one year (read their FAQ).

There are many recommendation online toy stores in my current list. It just depending on what I am planning to pre-order or buy especially when it comes for limited release items. I know shipping from Japan is always expensive because Brunei does not have SAL or standard shipping option. But paying a bit more on EMS shipping is worth, cheaper (than FedEX/UPS/DHL) and guarantee safer as you can track your items easily online. Of course, every one of us always hopes for free shipping. It just that the risk of getting missing is higher and damn I ever experience that moment two years back. I hope not for my manga books next month.


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