Another Boring Sunday

Argg! It was suppose to be a Gundam day for me. Without spray paint in stock, I can only watch anime and movies. After few hours in the afternoon, I went straight for a nap. I don’t know why I was so tired every Sunday afternoon. This time is a bit different and trying to pass my time for remembers something I really hate the most pissing off not getting my salary this week. This really started anger towards current company for such a jack ass delaying it. When Danny Choo wrote a Japan Job Benefit article, these make me more angrier   thinking at my current job. I have read many commenters’ and it seems like they does enjoy with the benefit given by the companies even if the work is hard. For me, everything is just a turn around and I paying for them. Damn, this day job is hard to search.

Anyway, my HLJ 2nd Sales hoot is arrived in the post. Probably tomorrow I will be able to get it. I also can’t wait for my HW Japan to arrived too because the remaining pre-order is Drossel. It will ship together with Gundam OO Designer Color Version and Gundam O. And ouch! This month is hell for me!

Also, I done some changes again in my blog layout and add some banner on it. Yeah, I know is annoying to many of you reader. I am looking for new layout to mark my 4th year’s blogging. I have not decided yet unless the new design is good. One last thing, no contest for my blogging anniversary, maybe I will think about it next year.


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