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Looking for another online store on free shipping policy to Brunei? Yup, there’s another one!It is a well known merchant from around the world, (Global). I didn’t really discover it, only after when I was finding some manga books online. This is truly shocking because as far I remember few years ago, there was no such policy happen before. But I’m glad this might be my next target shopping area for hunting Chinese or English languages stuffs.

The condition of getting free shipping is you have to place an order for over US$39.00 in items that are mark as eligible for free shipping. Please remember to check the marking on the items first before you check out.

Not a bad condition, however, let me warned you first. This is not a dream place for hunting Japanese toys. Many of the items there are ridiculous expensive because they sell it in US dollar, so don’t put too much hope on it. Also, if you intend to buy music, movie or anime, please don’t over buying it because you have to pay 5%-20% taxes through the local custom. If you are asking me for opinion, all I know the manga books is the only affordable item in my list so far. Say no more, check out the website yourself and decide.


“Established in 1998, has since emerged as the leading Internet source for Asian entertainment products. With quality service, a user-friendly interface, culture-specific content, fresh new releases, and a comprehensive selection of products, has become a favorite of customers worldwide.”

Update: A US$5.00 off coupon just landed in my mail box when I was writing this post. Kekeke…getting manga book next month!


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