E3 Show down 2009

WOOT! It looks like my effort of spending on my new PC is not wasted. After looking at E3 this year, I can’t believe some of the popular games are coming to the PC, except Final Fantasy XIII which I wanted to play the most as it only available on PS3 platform. Too bad isn’t it? Not much a problem for me because the most exciting announcement from Hideo Kojima is that the newest title for Metal Gear Solid Rising is going to make it to PC else well! Yeah! No one really expecting such surprise is going to be happen and it’s going to be on my buy list.

The Remedy Entertainment also previews Alan Wake on E3 this year. After watching the game trailer and game play demo in Youtube. I am definitely going to get this game! It’s been a while not getting on any horror games for a long time and not to mention this is going to be a story based. If you wonder Alan Wake might disappoint on us. I believe it won’t because we are talking about Remedy Entertainment here. They make a lot of good games and story, so this is going to turn out great although it has been going for five years (I think) making.

And yes! Supreme Commander 2 is coming next year. HA! I knew it! RTS game is also my favorite taste recipes because I always like to camp in my base and until I prepare with massive advance units. I love doing like that even in Starcraft online back then and come up with different combinations on defenses. Man, I am so excited and can’t wait to get my hand on it.

But first thing first, I have to get a high-end graphic card!


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