Last June Online Order 2009

This is why having a credit card is bad and lost control of myself consume by the dark evil. After the free US$5.00 coupon landed on my mail the other days, I can’t hold myself with thousand strengths ‘NO!’ ordering Mobile Suit Gundam Ecole du Ciel (volume 1 to 5) at that kept in the shopping cart for too long before someone else stole it.

You can’t let that happen, right? And so, since my other pre-order item have no news yet before coming end of June. I probably just go ahead with it first because those books are scatter around the world and it requires at least three to four weeks being delivery to me according to my invoice. Yikes!

Another worst thing yet happens today. I just made another orders from after I saw Gundam Astray Red Frame (Clear version) offer by half price in the promotion lists. As far I remember, they did offer it in the weekly promotion in the past, but not in half price. I think this is a great deal getting 50% off from them.

To keep my shipping cost lower, I decided to add my third copy for Dengeki Hobby February with GN Sefer to accompany with it as I have a project in mind building modification on Gundam O with its GN Sefer equipment for Form 3. As for Gundam Astray Red Frame, this is limited clear version release item from Bandai. It’s really hard to find it in other Japanese store and also weird that this can only be found in Hong Kong merchant (in korea too) even if it’s an old product five years ago. If you want to know how this clear version looks like, check the photos at Dalong review (in Korean).


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