Pre-Order Gundam Exia Ignition

Damn, finally I got hold of mine on Gundam Exia Ignition mode at HW Japan. It took me a while to decide which online store me preferring to put my money in. At first, I was planning to place my order at Hobby Search after I received the newsletter about the opening reservation. To my big surprise, it just closes less than 15 hours. I was like what the fuck is going on? I was mad like hell! There may be possible that the pre-order is over exceeding, because who doesn’t want when the first batch shipment is going to be ¥5000 rather than paying for the original ¥6500+, right?
After that incident, only left two more store. I check out HW Japan and also shock that they didn’t have any pre-order for ignition mode list except the normal version. I am an impatience ass hole so I quickly write and email to the sales for confirmation. While I was doing that, I quickly also place my pre-order at Hobby Link Japan for just in case because the response took (after) two days to arrived. I just couldn’t wait because the deadline is only a week, so it’s not wise to think too long. Take it or regret forever.
Luckily, the sales from HW Japan manage to inform and provide me the link for pre-order. Damn! YEAH! No more worried not able to pre-order it. It just the MG Gundam Exia decal is still not listed yet except the other online store already can be pre-order. Well, I’m not really on the hurry, so I can put it on the box until I stock up my paints or made any other purchase again. Okay, time to start making my other pre-order for Hobby Japan October issue. i can’t missed that too!


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