It’s Not Like You Think is True

Damn my life all this year. Can’t really seem to find a good job to keep me company and make my life better. I don’t usually write ranting post or jealousy about others able to work at Shell or LNG something. But it just happens when my friend came over brought this discussion and sudden remembering back which I am pissed at it.

When people found good job with a nice pay out, most of them started talking nonsense especially when they are travelling or taking courses in other countries. One of my friends who work at well-known offshore company mentions some kind silly statement that we all Bruneian are so lucky compare to other country. If you understand your own country system today, one day you definitely find the answer is not entirely true.

I never agree when people make that kind of statement because he never realizes that was offensive (for me) things to say. When I started asking him a question if he knows what is the different between “Advance Economics” and “Non-Advance Economics” are about. He had no idea what I am trying to asked him. The answer is simple. HE IS FUCKING STUPID   who already living with a good comfortable life.

If you see other countries experience high taxes, poverty, high crimes rate, huge unemployment and others sort of shit everyday that is because they had already advance their economics that becoming a lot of problem and starting out of control.

Just think about it why Brunei stays as non-Advance Economics country and decided to improve steps by steps to ensure the stability of the country? This is to prevent poverty and increasing poor people occur in the country. Well, even if we don’t have heavy tax systems. Do you think no one or companies are going to abuse it? Think again, no tax, low salaries which are why locals prefer landing themselves in government jobs and hoping for Shell Oil and Gas industries. Not to mention I didn’t even had a “Tap” paid for four years. HA! I even providing transportation for delivery, parking tickets and my phone credit for the company for FREE! Not a single pay back from them! You called that lucky?

However, life in Brunei is not a perfect or considers lucky country no matter how you look at it. Quitting my job is anytime. But my mom depends on me and you need money to survive next days. There is always half lucky and unlucky person born in this world. Don’t simply make that kind of statement and convince that everyone born from wealthy family. You know it’s not like you think is true.


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