Starboykb World Marks 4th Year Blogging

I am really happy to celebrate myself breaking four years on blogging. It’s hard to say right now for me how long I am going to continue posting since I am still single and not sure how it will change my life after. But I decided to keep it going until my last moment.

Expect nothing much going celebrate this year. Next year, I might do something more different for my blog and maybe I might include giving away some contest prize to the local bloggers. I have been planning to do this for a long time. But I feel that it’s not a right time at the moment. this is current plans for now and every one of you need to wait for another twelve more months until next anniversary. Check back next year. kekeke…

I also replace my blog layout into more looking design. It took me a while to find the best free code error for Blogspot these days. Although, this layout are much more like for running SEO or something. I think it’s going to be fine for simple blogging only. it took me two days to finished inserting the codes and test run for couple time. Google Chrome (Beta) should work without any issue, but if you experience any missing image link, please update your Chrome to latest version. Let me know, if you find any other errors or missing link.

Also, if any of you wanted to exchange link with me. Feel free to drop me a line, your name and addresses so that I can update it within 24 hours. No porn or pirating stuffs, please. Used the direct contact link above.

Please be warned that, if I found out you didn’t link me or you did not update your blogs or website for more than six month. I don’t care if you are serious or non-serious blogger. I will just remove it without giving any notice. I am sensitive keeping my blogs update every time.

Alright, I’m going to dine with my family now because today it’s my Birthday too.


  1. Happy Birthday Xin!! All the best to you! and nice new layout! :D


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