Sunday is BORING AGAIN!!!

As usual, after watching a few anime, my eyes feel so tired and I fell asleep for at least four hours before I wake up and played Playstation 2 game to keep me awake. This sleepy habit is really hard to change. I think another reason is also something hurt on my neck there and it’s painful when I tried to look on top. Right now it’s still hurt, damn.

Nothing much lately, but I only done some update on the links and still writing on some post which is not yet ready to publish. However, there is good news for me two days ago. Kingston Technology Company has informed me that I will be receiving an appreciation gift for supporting Kingston products. I really didn’t expect such surprise coming from them, but I really have to thank them for it. Of course you can be too if you want to win some prizes from them, check out Kingston Blog for more information and join their members earn KB points to claim prizes. It’s a fun place to learned, shared and also troubleshooting your Kingston products. Check it out and the membership is free!


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