New Year Coming! But Bloody Week!

Hey Hoo! End of 2006 is coming very fast next week! I just can't imagine time flow so fast and I was blind by it, totally! :shock: It was quite hard and challenging this year. Bad things happen quite a lot for me and I can't imagine how terrible it was back then. Anyway, I was able to overcome from it and kept walking forward. Thanks to my anime and games removed my heavy stress. :roll: hehehe...can't believe it? Of course, I used also other healthy methods too. Simple! Chinese tea. :lol:

Actually it does really help me lot when I was in a bad situations and facing some stupid fucking days I encounter previously. I know Brunei wasn't a hard place to live in! But the people here, I starting to find that they are getting badass and become irresponsibles nowadays.

The most worst was just yesterday, I encounter one Malay lady hit my car when she open the door from the vehicle. She know I was in the vehicle and acted nothing happen! :mad: My car paint were totally badly off as got down and check it out. I was totally pissed when she start the car and drove away just like that! No apologies! Nothing! She might thought I might going to look for trouble. But hey! If you ever hit or scratch somebody car while they are inside. You better off don't run from it because you know you can't escape. You might even get into more deeper troubles if that person gets fired up and report into the Police. Apologies is always the best at first never be second!

After that incident, not long I got into my car and hit signal light to reverse and at that time, another fucking Indian cycle appear and trying to get himself killed by riding in the middle! He did not stop or just ride to the safe corner. He just went straight towards on me! He knew I was reversing and ignore my signal light. Still riding forward and I was forced to hit the brake, before I might hit him! That Indian smile and left. :mad: Argggg Curse that piece of shit!

After that again. Another suicide Chinese driver rush out from the left and waving his hand sorry. :roll: Ok, that would be nice! And fuck that!, I said to myself again that I almost killed another guy within 1-3 meters in front of him only a few second if I don't hit another hard brake! I wonder what the fuck with these people at the end of the year? Looking for death or something? Damn, three on the straight and happen at the same events. Not my day, totally not mine and I just don't like it.

If you are trying to rush home or looking for friends and your love one! Or might be other problems you encounter. Just spice up your safety first and be patience or cool. Every human and animals only have one life! Don't let your guard down, watch yourself and people around you! Fuck!


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