A Plan into Different Job

when you having a hard time finding a new job, there are four choices to choose from. One, continue to stay in unhappy (or low pay) company. Second, just quit. Third, take latest courses upgrading yourself and try again. Lastly, choose and try a different job that not in your current expertise

Second is definitely not in my choice, unless I am rich. Too bad, I never will. However, the first and third are continued to be the best selection no matter how bad you going to face tomorrow. Yes, I will be attending the Tech One Global training for Microsoft Window Server 2012 course next month. The price does indeed quite expensive for each subjects. This is for the best, luckily with my friend help. I was able to get a bit lower rate for it.

While I continue to wait for confirmation on the correct training date. The last choice has already becomes my next planning stage for next year. It is very tough choice to make after working as a IT Support Technician for so many years. Sudden switching to a new different job does hurt my career and time, even affecting the salary rate.

I'm not going for accounting, when it comes to calculating. I am terrible suck at it. Admin job, I am okay because I work on from time to time. To my surprise, someone did offer me a maintenance coordinator position and waiting for my confirmation. At the same time, it offers me continue to work as IT Support Technician and admin helper. Technically speaking, it's a multitasking career.

Of course I am expecting a raise on the salary part and willing to take on this challenge. But I want to expect something more in life experience, maybe heading out working in another countries and hoping for no annoying Saturday work! Yeah, continue in my dream.


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