Keeping Aging Car Off Brunei Road?

This is worrying for me. As much I don’t really like comments or bother reading about LegCo meeting and conversations for the past weeks. Pehin Goh who brought this topic up really pissed me off. While I do agree some part about problem with aging cars, I don’t see how the aging cars is only to blame on affecting the traffic congestion’s, air pollution and high petrol spending.

What surprise me is Pehin Goh talks about fuel consumptions. He own a car companies and should already realize any cars that have higher CC engine consume more fuels and that's why we spend even more lah! ALAMAK!!!

It also pointless to argue about environment friendly. Why? Even new diesel cars, continue to produce black smoke in a long run after two or three years and sorry, this is true. No matter it's a gas saver, if people are stingy about spending money maintaining or servicing the cars. Same thing continue happen above. Advise? Well, I dump STP gas cleaning fluid into the gas tank before fueling every month and actually kept out smoke coming from my aging car. I have been using for two years so car still alive if you wonder.

The transportation in Brunei are truly limited access when it comes to locations. Improving require time and real experts to study implementing correct transportation needs. If a dumbass can build an Ugama school near residents housing area and going to cause traffic congestion soon. How do you expect locals and foreigners taking bus to work every day?

Now traffic congestion, how the fuck aging car is only to blame? Traffic congestion can be anything, new or old cars break down and technical failure all the time. Car accidents, terrible road conditions, slow heavy vehicles, shits fall from the transport truck, slow police respond to else the traffic or accident and so on.

I owned a 23-24 years old Toyota Corolla wagon and this car have encountered a lot of technical failures. But the spare parts cost are cheaper, easy to maintain without worrying much and the cost of the fuel consumption never that high as it claim by him. Thanks to it, I was able to save a lot money on gas during the financial income problem and gives me more time finding better job back then.

If this kind of law implement before they even fix the transportation issue. I can survive because I have one less responsible. How about those earning low pay job who unable to get a new car? What even worst for those of us who can't even own a house?


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