Lego Galaxy Squad 70700, 70704 and 70705

Damn how I love Lego announcing new space theme and releasing to Asia market this year. It sure took quite a while seeing the local shop bringing Galaxy Squad in. I manage to grab two large set and a small one before someone took everything away. Well the Space Swarmer (70700) were definitely first gone.

Only the Swarm Interceptor (70701) and Warp Stringer (70702) which I decided to hold until next month. Surprisingly, if I didn't go to check out the Youtube review on the Lego Galaxy Squad. The Star Slicer (70703) never seen, even the Lego US official website haven't listed out in the product page yet. I really love that armor car so I hope we can see releasing in Brunei and TRU, hopefully.

Space Swarmer (70700)

Sold for B$19.90 and the first to be built.

Vermin Vaporizer (70704)

Sold for B$99.90

Bug Obliterator (70705)

Sold for B$129.90


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