GNX Lost Its Thigh!

This is what I hate the most when I nearly begin working on the spray painting for completion. Instead, I just (surprising) found out the whole GNX thigh went missing! Not sure where the heck did it fall into and searching around without any single trace. Gosh! Now I'm need to start a new project this week again.

Even though there are other backlogs Gunpla I can start with. The work ideas never kicks in especially for scale 1/100. This is why I never recklessly owning MG (Master Grade) kits nowadays. Yes, the new release MG are improving and I do wanted to get them. But I will hold off next two or three years until I clear off the remaining Gunpla. For limited version, maybe I will change my mind.

Anyway, I am now doing some Gunpla and book clearing in FB. Check out the group if you are interested! BTW, in Brunei only.


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