Toys Collections Hiatus? Nope! But Slow...

Indeed I am now very slow on collecting toys nowadays. This year, my financial weren't looking that good either so I need to plan well and making sure there are some savings left around. However, I am not the only person in this world currently facing of such issue in life.

I don't want to say until now I haven't bought any toys because right now the Japanese Yen is improving lately. So using Hobby Link Japan private warehouse features, I can slowly take advantage focusing putting my the orders together and shipped out every two months to save more on shipping which is a very good idea. If there were discount and can be brought direct from the local shops, I will purchase if the price are better compared to online shops.

For sure there will be a lot of missing favorite toys in my shelf by now. For so many months of monitoring and watching the stocks availability. I was quite surprised most of them continue to stay in stock despite many are popular among the collectors. Of course, time is the enemy. Once it run out, price jack up too in eBay. It doesn't matter to me anymore, as long it is not 100% my favorite. I am fine seeing to let go. It just a way controlling my habit and rampage spending on every toys I like.


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