Next Gunpla Project: Blue Destiny Unit 1 Repair and Gundam O HWS Reboot

It is still unconfirmed project at the moment. I only manage to work out the sample build at the moment and found out later needing another GM parts to complete my imagine repair design. I thinking about doing some mod on the torso, so far the first idea was fix figuration version. But after looking for better option, the GM Sniper Custom does looks better. I’m not sure how good my hand works on this. I will give it a try once I get more tweak on this build.

As for Gundam O HWS, it is a reboot project from last year. I was supposed to work on this and put it on the first EA Con Gunpla competition. Due to me unable to meet the date and time figuring out how to design into heavy weapon system, I later abandon this idea. Right now, I am unsure the direction I plan on going. The first thing is buy the Gunpla Love! book and hopefully able to find out more ideas.


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