God Create Us, Not From Our Parents

Anyone wonder how the parents will react about this if their children said this in front of them. I honestly will definitely feel sad if my own child say that to me. It seems like working in big organization does giving me opportunity encounter plenty of funny, hateful or weird peoples. It just oh my god, what have you done to people minds? Seriously, what did people actually read in the religious bibles? God create us, so what are your father and mother then? The father is just a spectator watching the God fucks your mother as a vessel to create you? How silly is that?

Shit man, what’s wrong with people nowadays. Where is the common sense? I usually hear this statement coming from the mouth of western faith religious or documentary. But coming from the mouth of friends at local Chinese and Malay was so new to me today especially in Brunei. No point of arguing anymore because this will never end and continue to let them be what they believe. It’s my mistake joined in the conversation no matter how much I find unacceptable what they believe is nonsense.


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