End of April 2012

Considering this is a late last minute shopping in the local store. I decided to grab some paints but instead just two Lego Mini Figure series 6 and a Tamiya primer. My stuffs are currently on the way so I need this primer to do some work for me. I didn’t buy much since today the last day of April. I best save a bit and begin my shop fest tomorrow.

Yesterday I also done some old Gunpla stock that I left over. Well, it’s Mr Bushido actually. Since I got Smultron cheap at HLJ last order, I plan to rebuilt and do some mixing into Shogun. It is still in progress so I decided did some blurry image until final mixing phase. BTW, the Kotobukiya claw sword does suit well with Shogun.

Anyway, before I head off. The two series 6 I got from inside are Alien san and mechanic.


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