Practicing Driving Speed Limit

IT WAS HARD!!!! Meh~! I really hate to say driving speed limit SUCK! Even though I am fine driving short distance to Seria during work hours, but geeezzz! Imagine driving to capital with the speed of 130-160KM+ already needs one hour. If driving at the speed of 80KM or 100KM, I might die in the accident falling asleep.

A lots of us going to feel very fuck by this law, you already get use to driving fast so many years and suddenly you need to obey spend limit do drive us crazy at some point. I know the Governments doing favor to everyone on road safety. If they introduced this new law earlier, I might just get KIA Cerato model with cruise control feature. Using Sportage needs more time to train my patience and controlling the speed in my gas pedal.


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