Another Fuck Up from HSBC Seria

I simply just can’t believe it yesterday went to get my card at Seria branch. That bitch from last week told me the current card I holding is cancel. After getting the card from another counter, she told me this one is actually cancel. I was filling with crazy rage and like what, again?

She runs a double check and verification. SPAM! It was indeed an old card that was actually report lost and delivers back to their main HQ. This mean the one I am holding actually a real card instead of cancel and lost one. Wow, that just wow and unbelievable I was fool again for another week.

How could they even possible make such huge mistake when there is computer assisting her with real time update on customers account information? The funny thing the girl that serves me telling me it could be late system update. Completely bullshit, that is the worst excuse cannot agree on and fucking won’t work on me. If that is only one or two days, maybe I will buy it on the delay updating. But for one week the HSBC system never had an update on the correct customer’s information? Only children would believe that kind of story.

That bitch really sure lucky that the counter number didn’t pick me yesterday. Otherwise she won’t get away from the rage complains I plan to blast at her face and call the manager for big explanation. How dare she play games with me and unable to difference between which is the real card in the first place.

I’m not going to risk mentioning the name here. These cunts already trouble me for more than three weeks. Do note that apparently that bitch is well known making mistake and fuck up numerous times on customers services from what my friends had told me. If that bitch fucks you up, then you know who she is. IN SERIA FUCKING HSBC BRANCH!!!


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