The Hero of Government Job Scammer Reveal

TOP_A1_Job scam culprit identified, manhunt launched

How could they fall into the trap believing scammer, Lakim bin Hj Md Noor, says you need to pay (around B$150-300) to secure your jobs at the BSB Municipal Department? There isn’t such thing of paying before getting employed. Where are the common sense people? Not only that, almost everyone keeping quiet about this and bother raise any question if this is real at all. Even some went so far hiding behind the cousins and relatives for gosh sake.

This show how selfish the locals can do whatever it takes to grab the Government jobs and this is the result for being getting back fire. If my Malay friend had told me earlier how she secures that job from the beginning, I might have saved her from the scam without so rush quitting her positions.

We really need smart people to write down new question at next LegCo meetings whether Brunei the citizens information’s are even safe today keeping in the Governments buildings. No one knows how much have been leaks ever since when our security are fucking damn soft. If this simple non-military train scammer can gain access to the Government databank without single suspicious. So how much our country information has been stolen by the enemy expert spies?


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