Learning Second Skill Target for 2015

After a really long considerations, I decided to involved in HSE occupation. This is only the job seeking backup plan I can think of more suitable finding new job in Brunei for me. Although the HSE course fees are not cheap, but compared to IT courses, the long term investment are much more cost-saving for further training and qualification.

This year of finding IT Technician position is basically so dead in the local market and only got one interview so far. Well, no hope at all. As long you don't have high level skills and qualifications paper in hand. Big companies don't bother to look at you nowadays.

Its too stressful continue finding the right IT courses and studying nowadays with my current salary. It's too hard to funds and too hard to catch up with the juniors. Not an excuse but the truth. Today world are not like the past. Qualification papers are necessary tool to seeks for better paid. I do feel like my IT time is over and without questioning further. I already started studying NEBOSH International General Certificate books which I borrow from friends.

People told me it's easy to qualify and the certificate. I just don't buy the story. I know myself when comes to capability in learning. I decided to take it slowly and understand the basics before jumping to the harder level since the course going to cost BND2,500.00.


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